L Magazine Nightlife Awards 2006
Best Promoter – Andy Shaw
“Shaw has the foresight to see that a party could be a hit, and the follow-through to make it happen….”

L Magazine Nightlife Awards 2008
Best Promoter – Andy Shaw
The best, not only a competent businessman, but a remarkable human being….

Andy Shaw Nightlife AwardsBest Promoter: Andy Shaw (presented by Kenny Kenny and Sultana)

Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards 2009
Best Promoter: Andy Shaw (Presented by Jonathan Ames and Harriet Holloway)

The First Annual SOTC Nightlife Awards: Best Party DJ, Best Nightlife Twitter, Best Host and More.
“Host With The Most: Andy Shaw”
Puja Patel, Village Voice

NightTalk – Catching Up With Award Winning Party Promoter Andy Shaw
Nicole Wasilewicz, NBC New York

The Village Voice – Battle of the tatas..
Best Promotional E-mail. Winner: Shaw Promotions. 2006
“Put together by Andy Shaw, it out-hipsters Flavorpill by a mile….”
Tricia Romano, Village Voice

DFA DJs at Hudson Hotel
“The man is probably the most likable promoter we’ve ever come across….”

Puja Patel, Village Voice

NYC Fashion week 2010 with Andy Shaw & James Murphy
Puja Patel, Village Voice

The Bridge-and-Tunnel Crowd Stays Home
“Kids with Snakes – the newest party darlings marketed by Shaw Promotion….”
Annie Fischer, Village Voice

No Sleep for Shaw
“Andy is quite witty and surprisingly grounded for someone who holds the nocturnal skeleton key….”
Kristina Weise , NY Cool

INDIE NIGHT SCHOOLTHIS SUNDAY, learn from Shaw Promotion, Suicide Girls, Last Night’s Party, Motherfucker party….”


Shaw Promotion 3 Year Anniversary Party – View the Gallery

Shaw Promotion & James Murphy on Fashion Week