Big UP, Up and Away!

Big UP, Up and Away!

SHAW Promotion had the pleasure of working with The Big Up festival again this year which took place this past weekend on a beautiful farm in Claverack, New York.  With the promise of Escort headlining (my favorite bands) Andy and I shoved our tent and supplies in the SHAW Time mobile and headed upstate for a few days of eating, drinking, and camping in the sun.  Or so we thought! It rained most of Thursday and Friday, and although we had some horrible casualties like my iPhone and camera, we were professionally prepared for this mud fest in other ways thanks to Governors Ball this year which was even muddier, like hiking through quicksand for 3 days.  It wasn’t too bad, in fact I loved waking up to the sound of rain hitting our tent.  Saturday turned out to be an exceptionally beautiful day and we were able to dry our stuff off on our car and ourselves off on the main hill with a beer watching bands.

My personal favorite part about The Big Up festival, and this is two years and counting, is they book mostly local tri-state area bands that I don’t get to hear about in the over saturated NYC music market.  Last Big Up it was Big Gigantic and Eoto, which blew me away with their skills, this year it was LeSpecial.  It seemed they have mastered every genre of music and mixed them all together on one album; funk, metal, electronic, you name it and they play it very well.  I am so thrilled to walk away from another year with a new band to throw on my playlist that I will listen to over and over.


Obviously then there was Escort, which has been my favorite car CD (yes, I still listen to CD’s in my car) for the past year after seeing them at CBGB festival.  The high energy, the ultra sexy lead singer, who knew that I too would love disco?  Escort did and they had hundreds of festival goer’s shaking their ass in the mud pits.  Andy was backstage using the port-a-potty before the performance and he happened to be rockin’ his band’s tee shirt, Metro Stylee (a ska band from the 90’s), when he over heard two guys say “Isn’t Metro Stylee from NYC? I know them”.  Turns out three of the members of Escort were also in a ska band in the 90’s called Skavoovie and they use to play with Metro Stylee.  Well, Big Ups to Escort for keeping NYC music ever changing and awesome, you really made a unique band that everyone can appreciate and love.


I want to give more Big Ups to August J photography for letting me use their photos for this post (I tried to link you, August J, but apparently there is a ton of August J photographers).  I was so distraught and lost without my camera and I wish I was able to capture everything through my eyes, but these photos are pretty bomb, so thanks.  Also, we would like to thank Zach and Destiny for being supportive of SHAW Promotion and we hope we get to work with you and The Big Up again next year, it truly is our favorite festival of the summer.



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