Entertainment Services

Burlesque performers / Models -We offer a wide range of beautiful, professional
models/burlesque performers/dancers who add that extra something to any event
or photo shoot.
Graphic Designers -We work with a variety of different designers who will
customize any project to really fit your vision.
DJ’s – Need a cool DJ? We have tons with all different music tastes and styles
who will cater to any crowd.
Photographers – Want your event photographed? We have several well known
professional photographers including famous photo- bloggers who really know
how to capture the moment.
Bartenders/ Cocktail servers – Our professional, versatile team of bartenders and
servers can cater to any event from professional settings to house/loft parties.
License security – Our massive team of professional licensed security will do
everything and anything you need them to, from checking ID’s to personal body
Please contact us for a quotes.