Guerrilla Marketing

Lifestyle Retail Marketing – We’ll place your promotional materials in over 70 +
high traffic stores, shops and locations in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn every
Friday afternoon.
Stenciling – One of our favorite things! Our team will spray paint your logo or
message all over target neighborhoods and busy street corners for everyone to
Wild posting Marketing – Repetition is key! Our ninja-like reps will wheat past
your posters on walls at specified neighborhoods and markets. Minimum run of
300 posters for maximum effect.
Hand to hand Marketing – Let our friendly, knowledgeable reps distribute
promotional materials one-on-one to your target audience at concerts, parties,
locations, and special events.
Stickering – We’ll plaster the streets of your choice with your stickers for the
public eye to see. See printing services below.
Poster Boards – Our team will wrap poles in any neighborhood with your posters
back to back for maximum viewing. See printing services below.
Poster Snipping – Common stores and shops not enough for you? Our reps will
put your posters up every in between or areas of your choosing. See printing
services below.
Please contact us for a quotes.