Our Services

Wild Posting

Repetition is key. These custom, large-scale posters are sure to grab everyone’s attention at street level, whether they’re driving or walking. Old school, guerrilla-style posters are wheat pasted onto construction site walls and can be mixed and matched for ultimate brand awareness. Other major cities available; 300 poster minimum. 

Billboard Bicycle Ads

Our Billboard Bicycle program will have all eyes on your brand as your message or custom art rolls through the streets. Our large, bike-pulled, double-sided vinyl billboards (7.5’ x 5.75’) are flashy and fun – the eye can’t help but be drawn by the motion, making this a great way to promote at street level at any location. Hire multiple bikes to get impressions all over! Five hour minimum per activation; custom printing available.

Street Stencils

So many city stompers look down while they walk, so why not grab their attention at ground level? Our customized stencils are sure to make a lasting impression and broadcast your messages where they’re least expected. The stencils can be placed at predetermined high-traffic street corners or outside of specific shops, venues or events.

Flash Mob Marketing

Want a fun and creative campaign that creates major buzz? A flash mob is a sure way to get anyone’s attention – plus, these unexpected, often thrilling events earn further reach (and longevity) though the inevitable surge of posts documenting them on social media. A flash mob is a form of marketing that consists of a group of people assembling suddenly to perform a choreographed routine with the goal of growing brand awareness. With its “wow factor” and innovative approach to captivating the public, flash mob marketing has become a leading promotional choice for many companies.

Sticker Bombing

People love stickers! Have our experienced reps place them in targeted locations, or freestyle “bomb” them for a lasting impression.

Street Level Posters

What’s more effective than seeing interesting posters while shopping at your go-to store, or waiting to cross the street? Our indoor and outdoor poster marketing services offer great exposure. Our street team knows all the right places to post, bringing your message to the people while they’re out and about doing their everyday activities. 

Hand to Hand Marketing

Our dedicated and experienced team of street reps will get those flyers into the hands of your future customers. We work closely with clients to determine the most effective targets, whether it’s concerts, parties, high-traffic locations or special events. Our ambassadors are customizable: Suit them up in your branded gear, arm them with your company’s information, and watch them turn heads at any location. 


Flyers (all sizes), posters (all sizes), vinyl banners, Tote bags, T-Shirts, Coozies, Program guides, Pamphlets, Stickers, Pins, Face masks and many more. Just let us know what you need and we will get it done.